Arid Lands Greenhouses sells succulents and cacti to novice and serious collectors as well as wholesale to other businesses. We offer species of Adansonia, Adenia, Adenium, Agave, Aloe, Anacampseros, Avonia, Bursera, Commiphora, Dorstenia, Euphorbia, Fouquieria, Haworthia, Gasteria, Monadenium, Pachypodium, Pelargonium, Sansevieria, and Uncarina. We carry many species of geophytes, cucurbits, asclepiads, pachycaul trees, hoyas, pachyforms, terrestrial bromeliads and orchids, mesembs, and bulbs. We are open Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday through Sunday from 7AM to 3 PM in the summer months. It's always best to call first.

We ship plants bare root for their protection as well as for your other plants; see Getting Started or Plant Care Tips for details. If you are new to succulent plants and want some suggestions for plant selection, go to Getting Started. Heat packs are used for winter shipping; see Getting Started. Please note taxonomic changes as well as Resources. We do not offer a printed catalog, please use the Online Catalog, print the Plant List, or Contact Us for specific questions; see What's New for details.

This is our new website, and it is working faster than ever. Thank you for bearing with us during this difficult transition, and remember you can always call us if you get frustrated (520-883-9404). Our email addresses have changed; see What's New for details.

Our Wholesale List for February 2015 is posted.

We do not ship plants outside the United States.