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Aloe and Agave Sale, September 2014

Arid Lands Greenhouses is building a new greenhouse to house our expanding inventory. You can help save our backs and reduce the number of plants we need to move and rearrange by participating in a sale during September. For all orders placed between September 1-30, 2014, we will be offering all Aloe and Agave species listed in our on-line catalog at 20% off the regular price. Walk-in customers will also be able to use this discount. Approximately 900 species, hybrids, and cultivars are offered in this sale, which excludes any plants in our nursery not on-line, including a number of new introductions that are forthcoming. Our wholesale prices will remain the same. If you place an order, you will not see this 20% discount in the email confirmation of your order. We will apply the discount manually and only to Aloes and Agaves when the order is pulled and charged. Shipping charges will not be reduced during this sale. We encourage large orders and will assess exact shipping charges for those. We also save money on heavy orders by shipping FedEx ground instead of the US Postal Service.

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