What's New at Arid Lands Greenhouses

Recent Events

The summer "non-soon" began with a bang but ultimately fizzled out in southern Arizona. Our staff and our plants went through the hottest summer in Tucson history, which made a miserable year far worse. We watered watered watered all summer and into the record breaking temperatures of late fall. We're working hard to increase our sales inventory after record sales to this point in 2020.

Both of our German shepherds, Kaspar and Katia, are 4 years old now, and they are nearly adults. These two like to run so you will typically will find our gate closed, and you'll need to honk or call us to gain access. Unfortunately, Katia loves to announce herself by barking, which can scare some people who have had bad incidents with large dogs, but neither of our German shepherds would hurt a human being. Katia laid down recently and allowed a child of less than 2 years crawl all over her until we decided perhaps that wasn't a good idea (although both the dog and child thought it was a great idea). If you are afraid of dogs, please call in advance and we can keep our dogs away from you.

The year 2020 has not been good to small businesses in Arizona. First, the change in Arizona's minimum wage law to $12/hr starting January 1 has had an impact on our small business, but some modest price increases a year ago have mitigated the effects. The only price increases we anticipate this year would be for larger plants or rare ones that we are unlikely to replace in the future. Shipping costs have risen faster than wages and it is likely we may have to increase some of our shipping costs this year to keep up. The coronavirus whacked us without infecting us; we lost 3.5 full-time equivalent positions, our experienced staff, to layoffs, and we've only recovered one of those. We have hired a lot of new part time workers, however, so somehow we are keeping up.

Website News

Nearly 7 years ago, we have moved to a new webhosting service, and as a result our email addresses have changed. All of our previous email addresses have the same prefix but end in @aridlandswholesale.com. You can access our new site either by entering our old domain name (aridlands.com) in your browser or by accessing it through www.aridlandswholesale.com. We've also made our website friendly to iphones and other devices smaller than typical computers. Our new site is an upgrade in shopping cart to make personal information more secure in accord with changes in banking security. Because of excessive spam, we've had some changes in our general email address of info@aridlandswholesale.com back to aridqueries@aridlandswholesale.com. We did this to trap bots that were inundating us with spam.

We're shipping orders normally at this time. We have a Wholesale List available for August 2020, and it represents a serious downsizing of our list owing to high demand.

CITES Permit Update for International Customers

Of interest to our international customers, we have obtained a CITES master permit for most of our species except cacti. When we can get the onerous application filled out, we will file for a permit to export cacti. For a year now, we have listed all of our species according to their CITES restrictions on export.

We're shipping orders normally at this time. We have a Wholesale List available for August 2020, and it represents a serious makeover of our list. We're attempting to make our wholesale list look a little more like our on-line catalog to better aid wholeale customers find the plants they are looking for.

International Travel

Bob was in South Africa, Tanzania, and Kenya in April-May 2017. That trip was mostly about Sansevierias, particularly some new species. He wanted to go to an International Palm Society conference in Mauritius in the Indian Ocean in late May 2020, but covid-19 had other plans for world travellers. Who knows when we can return to Africa, and where we might go?


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